Nova Scotia Power update on Hurricane Dorian

HALIFAX – As Hurricane Dorian creeps across Nova Scotia, it is causing significant impacts to the electrical system. Crews continue to stand down for safety, so outage causes have not been field-validated, however, photos and videos shot by customers show high winds felling trees and branches into lines. 

“Dorian has been blasting hurricane force winds on communities for hours and the effect has been punishing,” said Karen Hutt, President and CEO, Nova Scotia Power. “We’re seeing this in Halifax and other communities throughout the mainland, and we know Dorian has not yet fully reached Cape Breton, so there is more to come.”

Given the extent of the damage sustained thus far, Nova Scotia Power is securing additional crews from utilities and contractors.  Presently Nova Scotia Power has upwards of 1,000 personnel – including powerline technicians, forestry crews, planners, damage assessors, engineers, supervisors, communication staff, and customer care representatives, staged in communities across the province ready to respond, as soon as it is safe to do so. Already, more than 600 power line technicians are set to help. Internal crews are being supported by contracted crews from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec.

“We have teams positioned across Nova Scotia, but until the wind gusts subside to below 90 km/h, we will continue to stand crews down for their safety,” Hutt said. “Hurricane Dorian is still a very dangerous storm and the safety of our crews and our customers is our utmost priority. In the interim, at our Emergency Operations Centre we are assembling detailed planning to begin restorations once it is safe, and we continue to work closely with the Emergency Management Office.”

Customers can report outages and receive estimated times of restoration (ETRs) via Nova Scotia Power’s outage map at or call by calling 1-877-428-6004. Initial ETRs have not been field validated and will be updated once teams have assessed damage. In most areas of the province, this will not be able to talk place until at least early Sunday morning.

“We urge everyone in the province – all of our customers, our employees, contract crews and all first responders – please be safe,” Hutt said. “Nothing is more important than your own personal safety and that of your families.”

When the winds from Hurricane Dorian began to gust at 90 km/h and higher, Nova Scotia Power issued a safety stand down to all crews. A stand down means crews will be off the roads, except in emergency situations. Stand downs will be lifted by region, as conditions permit.