Nova Scotia Power warns customers of new phone scam

HALIFAX – Nova Scotia Power is warning customers about a new phone scam where the caller poses as being from the company.

 In this scam, customers receive a phone call with a recording about an overdue account that appears to come from Nova Scotia Power’s Customer Care Centre (1-800-428-6230). A recording directs the customer to call a different phone number to arrange for payment or risk immediate disconnection of their power.

 The scam allows customer payment in many forms, including by gift card.

 These calls are not from Nova Scotia Power. Nova Scotia Power would not call customers out of the blue and issue an ultimatum on first contact. Additionally, Nova Scotia Power does not accept gift cards as payment.

 Any customers who are suspicious about a request for payment or status of their account are urged to call the company’s Customer Care Centre directly at 1-800-428-6230 to confirm its legitimacy. Any customers who have provided personal or financial information as part of this scam should contact their financial institution and report to local law enforcement.