Sharing electrical safety with Grade 6 students across Nova Scotia

Halifax, NS - Do you know what to do if your car makes contact with a downed powerline?

Charlie Greer shows students how to safely respond as part of Nova Scotia Power’s Grade 6 Electrical Safety Program.

Charlie, a retired Nova Scotia Power powerline technician, has been delivering the safety program for almost a decade. The presentation targets all types of learners by using real-life stories, visual demonstrations and an interactive electrical hazard display.

 The material in the comprehensive program was developed specifically for Nova Scotia's Grade 6 curriculum. The aim is to teach students to appreciate the power of electricity by explaining how it behaves and when it can be dangerous.

“Sometimes the kids will tell me about dangerous things they’ve done around electricity, such as flying a kite too close to power lines,” said Charlie. “I know I’m making a big impact by teaching them about the risks.”

In 2018, four Nova Scotia Power presenters - Charles Greaves, Charlie Greer, Yvon LeFort, and Mitch Bowers - visited over 250 classes across the province, educating almost 6,000 students on the importance of electrical safety.

The program is offered to schools throughout the province at no cost. Grade 6 teachers can apply online for the Winter/Spring 2019 term by January 31, 2019.

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