Renewable energy on the rise; Nova Scotia Power reaches 29% renewables in 2017

HALIFAX – Nova Scotia Power continues to produce real results on the road to a low-carbon, clean energy future, with 29 per cent of electricity in Nova Scotia last year coming from renewable energy resources. This achievement surpassed the previous record set in 2016 of 28 per cent of electricity generated in the province coming from renewables.

“We’ve worked diligently over the past decade to move from coal to cleaner energy by using creative solutions that allow us to take advantage of wind power when it’s available, and ramp up more reliable, electricity generation - such as hydro and thermal - when customers need it most,” said Karen Hutt, President & CEO for Nova Scotia Power. “Our customers expect us to provide a smarter, cleaner, cost-effective service and our team is embracing this challenge. We’re testing innovative technology such as battery storage and electric vehicle chargers, making connections with neighbouring provinces for economic energy exchanges, and investing in hydro resources in our own backyard, which will help us deliver clean, reliable electricity to Nova Scotians for generations to come.”

The 2017 results exceeded the legislated requirement that 25 per cent of Nova Scotia Power’s electricity comes from renewable sources, and the company is well on track to achieve the 40 per cent renewable requirement that takes effect in 2020. Nova Scotia has tripled its renewable energy generation over the past decade, with only 9 per cent of Nova Scotia’s electricity coming from renewable sources in 2007. Additionally, Nova Scotia Power has already achieved and exceeded Canada’s 2030 target of reducing carbon dioxide by 30 per cent from 2005 levels. By 2030, Nova Scotia Power expects to achieve a 58 per cent reduction from 2005 levels, which is almost double the national target.

“We’re proud to be Canadian industry leaders in the adoption of wind energy and in reducing carbon emissions, which is a remarkable transformation for a province that has historically relied on fossil fuels to make electricity,” said Hutt. “The addition of more than 300 wind turbines and reductions in coal-fired generation has put us on the map – all Nova Scotians should be proud of this incredible achievement.”

Renewable Energy Progress: Electricity by Source

 2007 2017
Coal & Petcoke  76%54%
 Natural Gas & Oil 13%14%
 Wind  1%19%
 Hydro & Tidal 7%8%
 Biomass 1%2%
 Imports 3%4%
 Renewable Total 9%29%

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