Nova Scotia Power responds to storm

HALIFAX, NS – Nova Scotia Power has crews out working to restore power to customers as a severe blizzard makes its way across the province.

Crews are dealing with very poor driving conditions – heavy snow and white out conditions – so it will take time to get to sites as the storm progresses today.

“We pre-staged crews and trucks in position around the province in advance of this storm. However, we expect restoration efforts will be hampered due to high winds and blowing snow,” said Matt Drover, NS Power Storm Lead. “Our estimated restoration times will reflect this.”

Nova Scotia Power has prepared extensively for this storm with more than 380 field personnel positioned throughout the province to respond to outages as soon as it’s safe to do so. These personnel include NS Power line crews, contractor line crews, forestry crews and damage assessment teams. NS Power is working with the provincial Emergency Management Office and the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal to coordinate clearing of roads so that crews can get to damaged areas.

At this early point in the storm, Nova Scotia Power is estimating power restoration of the majority of its customers for tomorrow evening. With heavy snow making it difficult to access outage locations and high winds making it unsafe for crews to be up in buckets, those estimates reflect when the utility expects to have power restored to 95% of customers within outage areas. It is not safe for power line technicians to work in the buckets when winds are above 80 kilometres per hour.

As the storm progresses and NS Power has a better assessment of damage to the electrical system, those estimates may change. Additionally, once crews are able to field validate damage at individual outage locations, NSP will update those individual estimated restoration times to give customers more specific information.  All updates are immediately posted on the Nova Scotia Power outage map at, and are also available by calling the company’s outage information line at 1-877-428-6004.  Local radio stations often provide updated local reports as well.