Nova Scotia Power finalizes restoration efforts

HALIFAX, NS – Nova Scotia Power and contract line crews have restored power to all customers who lost their power due to this week’s storm, except for a few customers who have experienced extenuating circumstances.

“With the exception of 35 individual customers, where there was extensive damage, every customer who lost power due to the storm had their power back on by 11 a.m. today,” said Storm Lead Steve Pothier. “Our crews will continue to work tirelessly until every single customer has their electricity restored.”

Those situations primarily involved large numbers of trees down or work that was not safe to carry out at night. In one case, crews need to access the customer location by ferry.

Crews focused their efforts overnight on restoring electricity to the remaining customers in the eastern region, including Cape Breton.

“In Cape Breton, crews worked all night long in downtown Sydney and the North Sydney and New Waterford areas,” Pothier said.

There was also a concentration of crews in the Stellarton and New Glasgow area and in the Pomquet to Tracadie area where crews need to cut a number of trees off lines to be able to restore customers.

NS Power is in direct contact with those customers to keep them up to date on what crews are doing to restore their power.

There are 93 Nova Scotia Power and contractor crews and 27 tree cutting crews out working today.

Nova Scotia Power would like to thank its crews for their hard work and customers for their ongoing support.