Nova Scotia Power report most outages restored

HALIFAX – Nova Scotia Power has restored electricity to over 95 per cent of customers across the province who lost their power due an intense two day wind and rain storm.
 By day break, crews had restored power to more than 182,000 customers and had fewer than 2,500 customers remaining.

“We are confident we will have the majority of the remaining customers back on by this evening. Some individual and small pockets of outages in the province may take until Friday to be restored,” said Storm Lead Paul Casey.

He said there may be some cases in which customers need to undertake repairs to their properties before the utility can gain access and restore power.
The utility has 93 Nova Scotia Power and contractor crews and 27 tree cutting crews working today. In Sydney, where much of the storm damage and flooding occurred, more than 61 line crews and approximately 25 tree crews are currently working to repair the remaining damages.

Casey said the utility needs to maintain the safety of crews and customers while restoring power which means some customers are experiencing outages after being restored.
“Sometimes our crews will take a brief outage to make a repair or re-route the path of the electricity service.  Customers may experience brief outages while we are making these restorations, but that is to ensure safety and a reliable connection to the electrical grid,” he said.

When restored, NSP is sending automated calls to those who reported an outage and left their phone number to confirm that their power is back on. If it is not restored, there may be damage to the house or service mast that will need to be repaired. It is important that customers call the utility if they are still without power by calling 1-877-428-6004.

Nova Scotia Power would like to thank customers for their patience during this process. For the most up to date outage information, visit