Nova Scotia Power restores more customers as new outages occur

HALIFAX – Nova Scotia Power crews are making steady progress restoring electricity to customers in the aftermath of this weekend’s storm. Meanwhile, storm-weakened trees continue to fall onto power lines, causing new outages.

“Crews have restored larger feeder lines and service to priority customers like hospitals,” said Paul Casey, NS Power Storm Lead and Senior Director of Transmission & Distribution. “Now we’re working on local lines serving neighborhoods and smaller pockets of customers.”

Crews focus on bringing larger groups of customers on first. For smaller outages, they are giving priority to outages that occurred Friday and Saturday over outages that occurred Sunday.

“This is a full-team effort,” Casey said. “We have more than 300 power line technicians and 30 tree crews focused on restoring power, along with damage assessors, planners, engineers, electricians, technicians, control centre operators, dispatchers, Customer Care representatives, and many others in support roles.”

On Sunday alone, as of 1 pm, crews had restored power to 12,500 customers. Over the same period Sunday, 8,500 new customer outages occurred due to storm-weakened trees and branches falling onto lines.

“It’s normal for weakened trees to cause new outages for a few days after a major storm,” Casey said. “Our crews are working to safely restore all of our customers as quickly as possible.”

The storm hit Eastern Nova Scotia and Cape Breton the hardest. That’s where the most damage is, and it’s where Nova Scotia Power has concentrated the bulk of its resources. The company has two helicopters in the air over those regions today, helping assess damage and plan repairs.

This has been a challenging storm for our crews and we appreciate that prolonged outages are difficult for our customers. For updates on outages and estimated restoration times, visit Nova Scotia Power’s outage map at The outage map shows information on outages affecting more than 100 customers; some individual outages may not be shown on the map. Customers can call 1-877-428-6004 for updates or to report an outage.