Nova Scotia Power invests in Yarmouth: downtown service to be upgraded this weekend

YARMOUTH, NS  – Nova Scotia Power would like to make customers aware of a four hour outage that will occur on Yarmouth’s Main Street this coming Sunday.

NSP crews are stringing a new higher voltage line along a section of Main Street. The outage will affect close to 250 customers who have been notified of the planned work.

In addition to affecting residents living in the area from Chester to Gardener streets, the outage will affect a number of businesses. They include Wendy’s Restaurant, McDonald’s, Tim Hortons, KFC/Taco Bell as well as Scotia Garden Seafood Ltd., Yarmouth Sea Products Ltd., Vernon Deon Fishing Supplies and West Nova Fuels Ltd.

This section of Main Street will be closed from 6 a.m. until 10 a.m. Sunday, August 9. Side streets leading to Main Street in the affected area will also be blocked at the intersection with the main road.

“This conversion is a huge undertaking and we’re doing it to provide better voltage and improved reliability for our customers in the Yarmouth town area,” said Robert Kelsey, acting supervisor of transmission and distribution for the western region.

There are currently two lines running along Main Street. Power line technicians will de-energize the 4 kilovolt line on the bottom, relocate it to the top of the pole and re-energize it as a 12kV line.  The existing top line will be taken out.

“It’s a lot of work to get done in four hours but we have plenty of staff, including crews we have brought in from neighboring areas to help ensure the work is done as efficiently as possible. As always, safety will be our top priority as we carry out this work – both the safety of our employees and the safety of the public,” Robert said.

The work will also result in a tidier look with one line replacing two and having one set of three conductors at the top of the pole instead of two sets of conductors that had been on the lower line.