Nova Scotia Power warns of phone scam

HALIFAX, NS - Nova Scotia Power is warning customers about a telephone scam in which a caller poses as a representative of the company and demands money via a pre-paid credit card, or PayPal.
In this scam, the caller states that the customer’s account is in arrears and the person must immediately pay the balance owing or their power will be disconnected. The caller directs the person to buy a PayPower prepaid credit card, and then phone a 1-888 or 1-866 number to make payment, or to transfer funds via PayPal. The fraudulent calls are also being made to customers of other electric utilities across Canada.

These calls are not from Nova Scotia Power. Nova Scotia Power never demands payment via prepaid credit cards or PayPal. Any customers who are suspicious about a request for payment are urged to call our Customer Care Centre at 1-800-428-6230 to confirm its legitimacy. Customers should report any attempted fraud to local police.

Nova Scotia Power would never call out of the blue and issue an ultimatum on the first contact. We do accept payments via credit card – though not by pre-paid credit.

Nova Scotia Power previously issued a news release regarding versions of this scam in December and January. Police and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre have been alerted to the situation.