Feeding success: Nova Scotia Power supports Membertou's growth

SYDNEY, NS - Motorists driving along Alexandra Street or Towerview Place in Sydney this week may notice crews in bucket trucks working away on the overhead power lines.

The Emera Utility Services employees are engaged in a Nova Scotia Power project to enhance service to Membertou, one of the Sydney area’s great economic success stories.

“This work is a direct result of the growth in new businesses and expansion at Membertou,” said electrical engineer Melissa Deane, with capital management and performance at Nova Scotia Power. “This work is to accommodate recent and forecasted load growth and to build in contingencies.”

The work will continue throughout May. Crews are putting in new wire, adding new lines, as well as replacing and adding additional poles.

Membertou Chief Terry Paul said, “We have a very progressive relationship with Nova Scotia Power. We have a lot going on here and we understand Nova Scotia Power has a lot of responsibilities in the Sydney area, but our business relations have been excellent and we have a very good cooperative working relationship with their staff.”
The electrical work will improve reliability in the community, help service new development and set the stage for installing a new substation next year to accommodate ongoing commercial and residential development in Membertou.

Chief Terry Paul said construction is underway on the $19 million Membertou Sports and Wellness Centre, which includes two ice pads and a community fitness centre, plus two new buildings opened in the last two years that offer office and retail space.

On the other side of Highway 125 from Membertou, construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2016 on a new commercial and residential development spread more than 200 hectares , and that’s why a new substation and this preparatory work is so important.

The band has already put conduits under the highway from Membertou to the proposed development site, which will accommodate electricity cables when the time comes.