You Asked, We Answer: Why did I get an email about higher than usual power usage?

You Asked, We Answer: Why did I get an email about higher than usual power usage?

MyEnergy Insights is an online tool that tracks your power use and provides you with helpful insights—like your energy cost broken down by appliance, how much you are using on average, and if you happen to use more than your usual average.

The tool provides information, along with energy-saving tips, to help you make informed decisions about your power use.

Over the past few weeks, you've been asking about MyEnergy Insights and the high-usage notifications you’re receiving. We’re sharing our answers to your top questions.

What does “High Usage” mean?

When you have access to MyEnergy Insights, you’ll automatically be enrolled to receive email summaries of your energy use by billing period as well as high-usage alerts.

If you received a high-usage alert from us, it’s because MyEnergy Insights noticed an increase in your power usage compared to your average usage.

Your smart meter tracks your day-to-day power usage and establishes a baseline based on your typical use on weekdays and weekends. The data from your smart meter is paired with MyEnergy Insights algorithm to identify your usage patterns and appliance breakdown.

For more accurate results, customers are encouraged to complete the home profile survey. That way, MyEnergy Insights can notify you when you use more power than usual.

For example, if your average daily use over a weekend is 70kWh (kilowatt hours), and then it increases to 105kWh on a similar day, MyEnergy Insights will automatically send you an alert by email or text that your usage was 67% higher than usual. This enables you to make choices about your energy use and helps avoid surprises on your next bill.

What causes a spike in energy use?

There are several factors that can influence power use in your home: you could have changed your routine, made changes to your home or you might find the weather is causing you to use more power. 

On your “Energy Insights” graph, you can track your power usage by appliance alongside the outdoor temperatures. This can help you see the changes in your usage, so you’re able to make changes to avoid unexpected spikes.

Some of the common reasons behind increased power usage include:

  • Colder temperatures may prompt you to use additional heat for longer periods of time.
  • The dip in temperature might also have you using a space heater or electric blanket.
  • Purchasing a new electric appliance—like a deep freeze—could increase your household energy use.
  • On warmer days, you might be compelled to turn on multiple fans or portable air conditioners to stay cool.
  • If you have guests staying with you, you may find you’re doubling up on loads of laundry or cooking for longer periods of time.
  • Spending a day at home, rather than going outside, means more lights, electronic devices like a TV and appliances running for a longer time.

Are these usage alerts even helpful?

High-usage alerts are rare. But when they occur, they give you the opportunity to use the information in MyEnergy Insights to adjust your usage before your next bill—to help you save money!

And to control your power usage, you need to have a full understanding of:

  • How much power you’re using.
  • Why you’re using that much more power.
  • When you’re using more power.

These alerts are stressful; do I have the option to turn them off?

You can disable high-usage alerts anytime, or opt in/out of other alerts/notifications, through MyEnergy Insights to better fit your needs.

To do this, log into your MyAccount and click on MyEnergy Insights. Then, go to the upper right corner menu and click on Settings and Preferences. Through there, you can customize which notifications you’d like to receive—including none, if you prefer. You can also click Unsubscribe at the bottom of any MyEnergy Insights email.

MyEnergy Insights is a free tool, available for residential and business customers, that puts you in control of your energy usage and helps you manage your power bill.

Having access to this digital tool is one of the many benefits our customers get to experience from upgrading to smart meters.

Check out for other common frequently asked questions and answers. You can also reach out to a member of our Customer Care team at 1-800-428-6230.

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