You Asked, We Answer: Smart Meters

Over the last year, we’ve been upgrading electricity meters across the province to smart meters. It’s the first step as we modernize our grid, and work towards a greener, smarter and more reliable energy future for Nova Scotians.

As we’ve been upgrading meters, you’ve asked a lot of important questions about what your new meter means for you. We’re sharing the answers to some of your top questions.

Why do I need a smart meter?

Smart meters will provide you with more control when it comes to your energy use - allowing you to better manage your electricity costs.  

With traditional meters, you get information about how much energy you’re using every two months when your bill arrives. But when smart meter upgrades are complete and we turn on smart technology in your area, you will be able to access your daily energy information online. This means you’ll have more insight into how and when you use electricity so you can better manage costs.

Will a smart meter make my bill go up?

No, it won’t. In fact, with more information about how much energy you’re using, you’ll have more control over how much you spend.

Like all electricity meters, smart meters measure your consumption but don’t affect your energy use. If your meter has been upgraded and you find that your bill is higher than usual, reach out to us. There are a number of factors that could impact your bill like the weather, or more time spent at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Are smart meters secure?

Yes, they are. Smart meters transmit energy use information, in an encrypted format, over a private and secure wireless network to our data centre. Smart meters don’t transmit personal information like names, addresses or account numbers.

What else should I know about my new smart meter?

When upgrades are complete and the smart meter network is turned on, you’ll be able to take advantage of many smart meter benefits in addition to accessing your daily energy use information.

  • Set Notifications – Set-up personal energy use and billing notifications to help you control costs.
  • Billing Support – Our Customer Care team can review your daily energy usage with you and help resolve billing inquiries more efficiently.
  • Improved Response – Smart meters help us understand when and where outages happen, allowing for a faster, more efficient response.
  • Faster Connection – Connecting and disconnecting electricity can be faster and easier with on-site appointments not always being required.
  • Remote Meter Reading – In most cases, property visits will not be required to read meters and there will be fewer estimated bills due to meter access issues.

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