Storm Recap: Groundhog Day Storm 2021

A new year is well underway, and so is winter storm season. With the first major storm of 2021 behind us, we’re breaking down what happened—from the weather, to our crews’ response, to the number of outages. 

What was the weather like?

There’s nothing like a powerful Nor’easter to start your day!

On the morning of Tuesday, February 2nd, wet, heavy snow and 100 km/hour winds swept across the province. By the afternoon, the weather transitioned to strong rain and ice pellets, and the high wind continued to blow. The western part of Cape Breton saw some of the highest wind gusts at 150 km/hour overnight.


How many outages took place?

Over 57,000 customers lost power as a result of the storm. At the peak of the storm, more than 21,000 customers were without power.

How did crews respond?

Working through heavy weather can be a challenge, but our crews kept pace as the storm tracked across the province and restored outages throughout the day. More than 300 power line technicians and forestry crews including contractors were stationed across Nova Scotia from Yarmouth to Cape Breton, along with other support teams like damage assessors, engineers, and field supervisors. As outages happened, our teams responded when it was safe to do so.

Where do things stand?

By this morning—Wednesday, February 3rd—99 per cent of customers who lost service had their power back on. The remaining outages are smaller pockets of customers in more rural areas. We expect to have most of these customers restored later today. We'll also have a helicopter in the air tomorrow to patrol some of those harder to access places that experienced high winds overnight. 

For more information about how we prepare for storms and respond to outages, visit our Outage Centre


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