Staying safe during electrical storms

It’s no coincidence that Lightning Safety Week falls during the start of thunderstorm season in Nova Scotia. Protect yourself during electrical storms with these simple tips.

  1. Watch the weather. If thunderstorms are on the horizon, plan to stay indoors.


  2. If you do find yourself outside during a thunderstorm and can’t head indoors, take shelter in a vehicle, or find the lowest ground possible. Be sure to crouch rather than lying down—the goal is to minimize contact between you and the ground.


  3. Avoid contact with electrical equipment, cords, and any household fixtures with water and plumbing like baths, sinks and faucets. Metal appliances and water can conduct electricity.


  4. Beware of electrical surges. When lightning strikes near a power line, power can sometimes surge through our grid, resulting in an outage—and damage to your appliances. Stay safe by using a surge protector to protect your appliances from spikes in voltage and by unplugging your electrical devices when a storm is on the way.


  5. Stay back from downed wires. High winds can sometimes result in downed power lines—these are dangerous and should be treated as though they’re live with electric currents flowing through them. Remember to always stay 10 metres away and if you see a downed line, call 911.

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