Heading towards 60% clean energy!

Our clean energy journey 

Nova Scotians want clean, affordable energy. Delivering on that is our mission and commitment at Nova Scotia Power. We’ve tripled our renewable energy over the past decade—we’re a Canadian leader in carbon reduction, we’re a North American leader in wind energy, and our future is even cleaner and greener.

In 2020, 40% of Nova Scotia’s electricity will be renewable, thanks to hydroelectricity that will flow from Newfoundland & Labrador across the Maritime Link subsea transmission line. The following year, additional energy imports will push us toward 60% clean! And we’re making these changes in a planned, prudent way that has kept the price of electricity in line with inflation since 2012.

This is a huge success for a province that has been largely dependent on fossil fuels since the first steam generators began chugging in Nova Scotia more than 100 years ago. The oil crisis of the 1970s spurred Nova Scotia to move to local coal for electricity generation, a policy decision that made sense for jobs and the economy at the time. Today, we are evolving away from coal to ensure our electricity is sustainable – both environmentally and economically – for our children and their grandchildren.

Our 1,700 employees thank you for your trust and support as together we make this journey to a greener Nova Scotia.

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