Delivering the power of joy with two heat pump giveaways

What could make the most wonderful time of the year even better? A heat pump giveaway! This past holiday season we committed to spreading the power of joy and asked: if you could gift a heat pump to anyone, who would it be? We received an outstanding 2,800 nominations and couldn't pick just one winner. Two stories in particular touched our hearts, and we awarded two deserving families $5,000 heat pump packages from Trane.


Michelle and her husband Brad were nominated by Michelle's sister Nancy. The nomination explained that Michelle and Brad have a little boy who lives with a rare condition which requires around the clock medical attention. Nancy felt that they could benefit greatly from the improved air quality from a heat pump. Michelle and Brad were extremely grateful for the heat pump, which will offer a healthier heating alternative for Eric.


John was nominated by his sister-in-law who told a moving account of John’s unwavering generosity and commitment to his ever-growing family, even now that he’s into his 70s. He heats his home, where often nearly a dozen people gather for dinner each night, completely with electric heat. John was very excited to receive the heat pump which will make a great difference in his heating bill.

Heat pumps are one of the best all-season heating options in Nova Scotia. They've been around for decades, but are getting more popular every day. They deliver steady, even, clean heat all winter, and comfortable coolness all summer. And most importantly, they can save you money doing it.

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To help spread the joy and raise awareness of the heat pump giveaway, we asked you to share a photo of your pet looking festive. Here are some of our favourite shots that you shared with us on Facebook


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