Beyond heat pumps: find the home energy solution right for you

Winter is coming; we can’t stop it, but we can help prevent Old Man Winter from running up your heating bill.

As we adjust to the changes that come with the colder weather, we want to ensure that you know all the home energy solutions that are available to you. Heat pumps are an excellent choice, and there are other great solutions to consider. We want you to stay warm, so we offer on-bill financing for each of the following:



Pump up the heat.

Nova Scotians have saved up to 50% on their heating costs thanks to their heat pumps.

Do heat pumps work all year? They sure do – heat pumps are the perfect addition to your home by providing affordable, year-round comfort. In the winter, they steal heat energy from the air outside your home (even if it’s cold out), and literally pump it inside. They move heat, instead of generating heat. And in the summer time it’s the reverse! They keep you cool by by moving heat and humidity out of your house.

Installation is a breeze! Our qualified network of contractors will help install your heat pump, often in less than a day. If you are ready for a heat pump, ask us how our financing program can help you get started.



Affordable solutions that last.

Hot water for $1.30 per day? That’s what most Nova Scotians pay with their electric hot water heaters.
They’re a solution you can depend on because they usually last around a decade.

With manageable purchase and installation costs (usually between $500-$1,000), they’re much cheaper than their oil, natural gas or propane counterparts.

It’s an easy solution to implement and our financing program covers purchase and installation costs through our qualified network of contractors.



Automate your savings.

Did you know that power is cheaper at night when using our time-of-day rates? To qualify for these rates you need an electric thermal storage system (ETS for short). They store heat at night, when electricity is cheapest, then release it as needed during the day.   

It’s the closest thing to automated energy savings (it works around the clock to keep your costs down).

Once again, financing is available to help you keep your home cozy and efficient and we can connect you with a qualified network of contractors to make it simple for you.


The electricity landscape has never been more exciting with solutions like electric vehiclesbattery storagesolar now available to customers. We stay on top of the latest technology in order to provide you with the most up-to-date information.

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