A warmer home and a happier wallet

Over 5,000 homes are now more energy efficient – and homeowners are saving money – thanks to the HomeWarming program. But each home is a unique story…here’s just one.

“I didn’t think we’d be approved for HomeWarming, for some reason,” says Mariette Tanner, who lives in Lunenburg County with her husband and their three young kids. “But we were, and we love it.”

HomeWarming helps eligible Nova Scotian homeowners living on a low income save money on heating bills and feel more comfortable in their homes. If an efficiency audit discovers that upgrades will help reduce heating and power bills, they will be installed at no cost to the homeowner.

“And I didn’t think they’d do more than a bit of caulking, but they did a lot for the house,” says husband Tim. “It’s warmer. It’s drier. It’s wonderful.”

HomeWarming decreased their home’s energy use by a whopping 41%. “Things are much more affordable for us. We’re very happy,” says Mariette.

Nova Scotian homeowners of all ages, all walks of life, and all regions of the province can apply. For the Tanners, they applied because – as is the case for many of us – they sometimes struggled when the bills came rolling in. “I’m a carpenter, and work isn’t always the steadiest in Nova Scotia, especially in rural areas,” says Tim.

“It can be hard to find a good job close to where you live,” adds Mariette, “and Tim even had to travel to Nunavut and work up there for a few years.”

Many people might find themselves in need of a bit of help at one time or another, which is why Mariette encourages those who are eligible for the program to apply. “I tell people, just apply, what’s the worst that could happen?”

“For us, it’s been a great experience. The most important thing you can have in childhood is a nice warm home with love to grow up in.”

Clean Foundation and Efficiency Nova Scotia are offering low-income homeowners these free energy efficiency improvements thanks to the generous support of Nova Scotia Power and the Government of Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Power has committed charitable funds of $37 million over 10 years to HomeWarming – we are in the third year of the program. This is a donation, and is not paid by Nova Scotia Power customers.

For more information, visit www.HomeWarming.ca. Interested homeowners can also speak confidentially with a Service Advisor about their eligibility by calling 1-877-434-2136 (toll free).

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