Leading the way at Lingan

These words have always hung over the doorway at the Lingan Generating Station. Almost 20 years later, they still hold true.

That pride shows daily, and this past year, the team at Lingan achieved incredible milestones for our company and our customers.

“Hard work is what we were built on here at the plant,” said senior plant manager Tony Stevens.

In 2016, the more than 200 Lingan employees put safety top of mind while completing specialized jobs like replacing and repairing components of the plant to ensure our units are safe and reliable for customers and meet renewable requirements.

“We very seldom hit the panic button,” explained Donnie Currie, mechanical trades supervisor. “Our shared experiences at the plant help us find ways to overcome new challenges and this is true for all of the staff here.”

On March 2, the Lingan team held an employee recognition event in Cape Breton. President and CEO, Karen Hutt, along with Mark Sidebottom, COO, Jamie MacDonald, Senior Director of Power Production and Sasha Irving, VP, Corporate Affairs and Stakeholder Relations joined in the celebration.

“Achieving all of this requires focus and innovation,” Karen said at the event. “You’ve figured out how to do things that weren’t in the original design of the plant’s equipment and by doing this you’ve actually extended the life of the plant.”

When reflecting on the milestones of the team, Tony talked about the importance of respect and teamwork to achieve results.

“People respect each other here,” said Tony. “And that’s what made 2016 so special. We were handed a challenge, we stepped up to the table and we got it done. It’s important for people to feel valued and appreciated.”

“I was taught by some of the best to always put kindness first. Every day, I try to carry that through.” Tony said.

Congratulations, Tony and Lingan – thank you for leading the way. 

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