Tower climbers install new navigation lights for Auld's Cove

To address concerns raised by local residents, Nova Scotia Power will begin installing new navigation lights on its transmission towers at Auld’s Cove Monday.

Transport Canada requires the utility to have navigation lights on the towers but some customers have said the flashing white lights are too intrusive.

“We heard what residents were saying and went to Transport Canada for some options to address their concerns. We worked together and have come up with an option we believe will be acceptable to our customers while addressing the federal agency’s requirements,” said Project Manager Tom Flewwelling.

Beginning Monday November 4, workers with Tower Power Group don full body harnesses and other safety gear, climb the two towers in question and replace the white lights with new red beacon lights.

“The white strobe lights will continue to flash during the day but when darkness falls, the lights will change to strobe a slower red beam which is less intrusive,” Flewwelling said.

In 2017, NS Power will be constructing a new crossing south of the existing lines, which will remain in place. The new towers will carry a necessary set of redundant lines to ensure reliability of electricity to and from Cape Breton and mainland Nova Scotia.

Once they’re in place, the new lighting system will be transferred to the new towers because they’re taller and shield the existing towers, so there will be no need for navigation lights on the current towers.

“As always, safety will be our top priority on this project,” Flewwelling said. “This is challenging work involving live electricity and extreme heights. We will adhere to the highest safety standards as we carry out this important work.”

The installation is expected to be completed in January.

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