Emera wins best large business co-op student employer

Caitlin Walker first walked through the doors at Nova Scotia Power as a motivated public relations student ready to learn about the world of electricity on her first co-op work term.
“I fell in love with the momentum of the office right away – no two days were the same. I was surprised to learn I would be working on important projects and that my voice would be heard at the table,” explains Caitlin, now employed as a Senior Communications Advisor with the same team she interned with eight years ago.

Caitlin credits the confidence and experience she was able to build during her co-op terms to her success today. “I get to work with people who love their jobs and who care about the company. I am grateful the co-op program gave me the advantage it did to be able to have a career here.”

In recognition of its commitment to co-op educational opportunities, Nova Scotia Power’s parent company Emera last week was named best large business co-op student employer through the Halifax Partnership Game Changers initiative. The Game Changer Action Plan is a private-sector driven initiative to keep young talent in Nova Scotia. 1,300 more youth leave Nova Scotia each year than arrive. Retaining 1,300 youth in the province over the course of their lifetime could provide $1.2 billion in after-tax income and $46.4 million in tax revenue to the province (after expenditures).

 Photo courtesy of the Halifax Partnership

"Co-op students add tremendous value to our business, and this year, Emera set a target of increasing co-op student hires by 25% over last year’s numbers," explains  Jill Hennigar, Senior Manager of Workforce Planning at Emera. "We’re proud to have achieved that target, and pleased to support our city and province in their plan to keep our young talent at home. "

Nova Scotia Power is one of the Emera-owned businesses headquartered in Halifax that hires co-op students year round. Well over half of Emera’s co-op students are hired at Nova Scotia Power and, like Caitlin, many have gone on to gain full time employment with our company.

“Young people are Emera’s future,” says Jill. “We have a lot of experienced employees here and we need to get that knowledge passed down and we also need fresh new perspectives brought in.”

If you’re interested in a co-op position at Nova Scotia Power, check with the co-op office at your post-secondary institution.

Hear more about what it’s like to work for the Emera Group of Companies in this video of Emera’s summer students sharing their personal stories.


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