Smart Meters

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Smart Meters

Times have changed. We're changing, too.

Smart meters will make your life a little easier. They’ll help us get power back on faster because we’ll know immediately when service is interrupted. We won’t need to estimate your bill if we can’t access your meter after a big snowstorm. You’ll be able to go online to see exactly when you are using energy every day – no need to wait for your bill.

Beginning in 2019, we'll replace every meter in the province. There will be no charge to customers for their new smart meter. If you check out the new online features, smart meters can actually help you stay on budget and find ways to save money through managing your energy use. In 2018 we will build our secure communications network (smart meters won’t use your Wi-Fi), and then begin installing the new meters at homes and businesses in 2019.


smart meters put you in control

Smart meters will help you, even if you don’t check out your energy use online. Here’s what they can do:
  • Better power restoration. Smart meters tell NS Power immediately when your power goes out. This means that we can send a crew, identify the issue and restore your power more quickly without you having to call us.
  • No more estimated bills. Sometimes our meter readers can’t access your meter, for example, after a major snowstorm, or if a dog is loose in your yard. When that happens, we have to estimate your bill based on your past usage, and then we true it up the next time we read your meter. With smart meters, deep snow and snarling dogs aren’t a problem. They will eliminate the need for bill estimates and ensure your bill is accurate every time.
  • More information about your daily energy use.  Want to see when you are using energy? Don’t wait for your bill. This way, you can check your energy use on your computer or phone the same way you would check your bank account. You can even set billing alerts to help stay on budget.

What’s the difference?

CURRENT METERS: Your old analog or digital meter needs a visit from our team every two months. We read your meter during this visit, and then send you your bill. It doesn’t allow us to break down your electricity use into much detail. If we can’t reach your meter for any reason, your bill for that period will be estimated.

SMART METERS: No visit is required, but we read your meter multiple times every day. Your smart meter is connected to NS Power remotely through our secure, private network (smart meters don't use your Wi-Fi). We only read the same things as the old meters – your meter number and electricity usage – but now we get a much better picture of when you use energy, and if your power is out. You’ll get a much better picture too, because you can check your usage any time and make changes to your energy consumption to avoid bill shock.


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