Self-Service Options

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Self-Service Options

With our convenient self-serve options, it’s easy to make changes to your home or business without ever having to pick up a phone. 


MyAccount allows you to easily manage your electricity account(s) from one spot.


You can re-set your password or receive a username reminder here.

Connect Your Power

Moving into a new home? Send us a request to have your power turned on.

Disconnect Your Power

Moving into a new home? Send us a request to have your power turned off.

Update Your Account

When you call for service or to report a power outage, we're able to locate and help you quickly with up-to-date account information. 

Change Your Billing Plan

Choose between the usual bi-monthly billing plan, or the equal billing plan with 12 equal monthly payments each year.

Send us Your Meter Read

Check the usage on your power bill, or submit your postcard meter reading.

Request a Streetlight Repair

If you've noticed a street light out in your neighbourhood, please let us know.

Request A Line Rebate

If you made a payment to build a power line extension in order to receive electric service, you may be eligible to receive a rebate for a portion of your installation cost when a new customer is permanently connected to that power line.

Electrical Claims

Learn about the process of making an electrical claim.


Seek authorization for direct deposit (ACH) for US currency payments


Submit a vendor request for direct deposit

If you are an existing customer with NS Power and need to stop/start service, use this form to request your disconnect and connect.

If you are a new customer to NS Power, call us at 1-800-428-6230 to complete your request.

To help us schedule this work in a timely manner, please submit your request 10 or more days in advance.  You will receive an email confirmation with your service order number when your request has been processed.

To view our customer privacy policy, please click here: Privacy Policy.

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Open the calendar popup.


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Service Information


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Account Access
If you wish to give consent for another party to have full access to your account to perform business on your behalf, please specify (ie: spouse)



We can connect or disconnect power between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday - no weekend or holiday calls. If you are connecting service with Nova Scotia Power, there is a $28.00 connection charge which will be applied to your first bill for the new location. There is no charge for service disconnection. Please ensure Nova Scotia Power has access to your meter at these times so that we may perform the required service.

A deposit may be requested from existing customers who have not had a good payment history with Nova Scotia Power.  If a deposit is required, the amount is equivalent to 3 months service at the address you are moving to. Your deposit will be returned after two years of perfect payment history.

Bi-Monthly Billing - You will be billed every two months for the actual energy you have used.

Equal Billing - With this plan, you'll receive a bill for a fixed amount every month based on past electrical consumption for the location you are moving to. Every 12 months we'll compare the amount of electricity you've used to the amount you have paid. The balance is automatically rolled into the next year's fixed monthly payment amount.

In submitting this form the customer acknowledges and agrees to the following conditions:

The applicant agrees to take and pay for electricity from Nova Scotia Power in accordance with this application and to accept and pay for such services according to the rates, rules and regulations of Nova Scotia Power Inc.