Tree Trimming and Removal

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Tree Trimming and Removal

We like trees.

We really do. They’re a big part of the reason Nova Scotia is such a beautiful place to live, and you couldn’t ask for a better way to help keep our environment healthy and clean.

There’s just one issue- left unattended, trees cause power outages. In order to maintain reliable service, we sometimes have to trim trees or even remove them.

So if you see us cutting trees in your neighbourhood, we hope you’ll understand that we’re doing our job – caring for trees near power lines, helping to avoid service interruptions and ensuring your family stays safe.

Customer requests

It’s a big job to trim around the power lines on all the roads in Nova Scotia. By focusing on trees that line our streets, we are making sure you are safe and receive reliable power service for your home.

We sometimes receive customer requests to trim trees on and around customer properties. To provide you with the best service possible, we focus on requests for trees that are near dangerous power lines to ensure you are kept safe.

Power lines near your home

Contact Us

If the service wire connecting your home to the main power lines has been damaged by a tree rubbing off the exterior casing, or a tree or branch is leaning heavily on the wire, please contact us at 1-800-428-6230.