November 12, 2015

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November 12, 2015

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Our Rate Stability Plan

We’ve been working hard to stabilize power rates, while at the same time completing the most ambitious transition to renewable energy in Canada. We’re implementing a four-year plan to minimize changes in rates for customers through to 2019. On Tuesday, we held a news conference to present our plan and address the province’s recent release of the Electricity Plan.

Here’s an idea of what rates will look like over the next four years:

 rate plan

We’ve put together a Q&A and posted the rate stability plan slides and a full recording of the event here. Take a look.


We’re warning customers about a telephone scam in which a caller poses as a representative of the company and demands money via a pre-paid credit card. In this scam, the caller states that the customer’s account is in arrears and the person must immediately pay the balance owing or their power will be disconnected. The caller directs the person to buy a prepaid credit card, and then phone a 1-888 or 1-866 number to make payment. The fraudulent calls are also being made to customers of other electric utilities across Canada.

These calls are not from Nova Scotia Power. Nova Scotia Power never demands payment via prepaid credit cards. Any customers who are suspicious about a request for payment are urged to call our Customer Care Centre at 1-800-428-6230 to confirm its legitimacy. Nova Scotia Power would never call out of the blue and issue an ultimatum on the first contact. We do accept payments via credit card – though not by pre-paid credit. Customers should report any attempted fraud to local police.


heat pumps

There are lots of things to consider when investing in a new heat pump. Recently, we were asked two questions about heat pumps through our Tomorrow’s Power website. Carol asked a question about the lowest temperature for a centrally ducted heat pump to continue to run efficiently and save energy, while Jan wanted to know how to maintain your heat pump with a seasonal home.

Our Heating Solutions Expert, Scott Cameron, answers these questions in our latest Tomorrow’s Power responses. Take a look here:

•    Scott’s response to Carol
•    Scott’s response to Jan

NS Power now on Linkedin

 NS Power is now on LinkedIn! As career opportunities open, we want to ensure we’re attracting new team members who are committed to our purpose and how we work. We’ll be using our LinkedIn profile primarily to recruit people who can help deliver the energy and solutions for a sustainable tomorrow that our customers count on. We’re looking for people who value safety and health, relationships, excellence and our people. Check out our profile.