May 25, 2016

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May 25, 2016

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an Award-winning asset management program

NS Power was recently awarded Best Asset Management Program by Uptime Magazine, an international maintenance and reliability publication. The award acknowledges organizations and individuals who have achieved high levels of performance and reliability across all industries, not only the energy sector. Recipients are selected by a panel of industry experts based on several rounds of interviews and detailed presentation.

Members of the Asset Management team accepted the award on behalf of Power Production at the 2015 International Maintenance Conference (IMC) in December and gave a presentation on NS Power’s Asset Management approach. This conference is attended by more than 1,000 asset management and reliability peers from more than 40 countries.

For the Power Production team, it all started six years ago. “We were faced with aging infrastructure – plants 30 or 40 years old - a workforce nearing retirement, an industry transitioning towards renewable energy, regulatory changes and stakeholders rightfully expecting more transparency,” says Rob Macneil, Senior Technical Advisor with the Asset Management team. “This demanded a shift in our organizational philosophy towards asset management, which would ultimately lead to a more cost-effective and reliable service for our customers.”  

A team was assembled and began the design and implementation of an enhanced approach. They had their work cut out for them. The team would look after 10,000 assets in power production, including power plants, combustion turbines and hydro sites.

“We knew our program had to be strategically aligned with how we plan to use our units long-term, but also inform near-term maintenance strategies,” says Warren Rodgers, Senior Engineer with Asset Management. “Other considerations were outage requirements, operating limitations, investment, and risk-assessment.”  

The Asset Management Team and Power Production team certainly delivered, and today we have an award-winning Asset Management program that we’ve standardized across our fleet.

Warren says the conference was different from the others they’d attended. “Normally when we attend conferences, we meet and share with folks our story and our journey into the world of asset management,” he recalls. “At this conference, there was a sense of added pride when someone would respond to our story with “Wow, that’s great!”.

To see all winners, visit the IMC-2015 web site at

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