January 6, 2016

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January 6, 2016

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Power rates going down in Nova Scotia

Power rates in Nova Scotia are going down on January 1. Residential customers will see their rates reduced by just under 1%, and rates for small businesses will go down by more than 2%. For other customer groups, rates either stay the same as 2015, or go down slightly.

“Nova Scotians want stable, predictable power rates, and we are pleased to deliver them,” said Bob Hanf, President and CEO of Nova Scotia Power. “Our customers have made the investment, and our employees have done the hard work, to get us to a position of rate stability.”

Customer Class
2016 Change
Residential -0.9%
Small General  -2.2%
General Demand -1.3%
Large General  0%
Small Industrial -1.8%
Medium Industrial 0%
Large Industrial 0%

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Souls harbour christmas connection

During the holiday season, it’s not only those in need who require help – sometimes it’s also the organizations that1239470_1168958656467011_1985850768661253204_n are trying to help them. On December 17, Souls Harbour RESCUE Mission reached out to us over our social media pages. The mission works to assist those dealing with poverty and addiction by offering clothing, recovery programs and food – including a Christmas turkey dinner.

They had recently moved into a new building, which required an electrical inspection to have its power connected. They got word they had received approval, and now needed to be connected – and fast – in order to have their Christmas dinner ready for their clients. Through a joint effort between employees across the company, the power was connected the following afternoon.

Michelle Porter, the organization’s co-founder, wrote on Facebook: “Join us in saying thank you to Nova Scotia Power for their one day turnaround time to make our Christmas Miracle come true!”

joining forces with frankie macdonald for the storm wars trilogy

Over the last few weeks, our Storm Wars Trilogy on outage preparation and safety has been viewed over 20,000 times on YouTube and Facebook. The video series features Frankie MacDonald, local amateur weatherman, who opens the series with one of his iconic weather warnings.

Haven't seen it yet? Watch it here

Read the coverage from The Chronicle Herald and CBC Nova Scotia.

holiday giving 2015

Our employees across the province have been giving back to their communities throughout the holiday season. Take a look at what they've been up to in these photos.

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