January 20, 2016

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January 20, 2016

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Customer Care helps connect refugees

Change can be scary. Moving can be stressful. Under regular circumstances, we try our best to make sure our customers’ power connection experience is a good one.

To prepare for the arrival of many refugees, we partnered with Immigrant Services Associations of Nova Scotia (ISANS) to make sure one of their first customer interactions in Nova Scotia was smooth. Our Customer Care department created an internal team to design a special form for ISANS so that refugees facing a language barrier would have an easier time connecting while still meeting our processes and requirements.

“It was great working with ISANS to develop a process we could use for all refugees coming to Canada, including those from Syria,” said Tara Cranston, Manager with Customer Care. “Our job at Nova Scotia Power is to make things as easy as possible and make sure every customer has a positive customer experience.”

ISANS has sent thanks to the team for their help meeting the coming needs of these new residents, and will speak about this program a meeting of our Low Income Advocacy Group this month.


help warm your community

Everyone deserves a warm home. With temperatures decreasing and storms becoming more prominent, the ability to maintain a warm home will prove more difficult for many Nova Scotians.

Through the HomeWarming program, eligible participants can receive free home upgrades to improve the efficiency and insulation of their homes. If you know of someone who would benefit from the program we encourage you to refer them to homewarming.ca.


Nova Scotia Power’s Scholarships Now Open


Let us help light the path toward your post-secondary education! Here at Nova Scotia Power we are pleased to offer over $135,000 worth of scholarships to students in Nova Scotia every year. We have a variety of scholarships available including ones for students entering utility and energy trades at NSCC and students enrolling in an environmental studies program at a Nova Scotian university.

Shine some light on Nova Scotia Power’s Scholarship Program by visitng our scholarship page.

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Become storm ready

With storm season now in full swing, we are reminding customers to stay “Storm Ready”. Preparing your home for power outages is a proactive step towards staying safe and warm during bad winter weather. As we saw during this month’s past storms, heavy snow, freezing rain and high winds can cause damage to power lines and poles causing outages in many regions.

  • To prepare your home and your family for approaching storms become “Storm Ready” by visiting our storm safety resources.
  • Watch our Storm Wars Trilogy for safety tips and to see how we work behind the scenes during major storms
  • Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for live updates before, during and after bad weather hits.

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