February 24, 2016

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February 24, 2016

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it's on - #talkenergy week is in full swing!

Talk Energy Week is an initiative of the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation that aims to enhance energy awareness among Canadians to contribute to a sustainable energy future.

At Nova Scotia Power, renewable energy continues to be a major focal point when we look at the future of energy. We recently announced that in 2015, 26.6% of the energy produced in Nova Scotia came from renewable sources such as wind, hydro, tidal and biomass. By 2020, that number will have increased to 40%.

One of the themes of Talk Energy Week is around heating and cooling. Did you know that heating your home with a heat pump is up to 300% efficient compared to traditional heating systems? Find out more at heatpumpssetyoufree.ca.

Our customers count on us for energy to power every moment of every day. We welcome you to join the conversation and follow us on Twitter and Facebook as we #TalkEnergy.

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the latest buzz from the hive

A giant energy-making hamster wheel, an energy theatre and an exhibit of all the forms of energy used by Emera including tidal, wind, solar and coal are a few of the attractions expected to appear in the New Discovery Centre’s Energy Gallery, funded by NS Power and Emera.

Recently, a small group of our employees had a sneak peek into the Centre’s new hive, which is expected to open at the end of the year. Led by the Centre’s President and CEO Dov Bercovici, and Capital Campaign and Communications Director Renée Fournier, team members were given a tour of the area and discussed aspects of the new building including the Energy Gallery, the Flight Gallery and the Dome Theatre.

“After years of dreaming, planning and designing this incredible new facility, we are absolutely ecstatic to see it now starting to take shape,” says Dov Bercovici. “As we watch this building progress from an empty concrete shell to one of the most advanced science centres in Canada, we can’t help but be enormously proud of what we’re building here together with Nova Scotia Power and Emera.”

To learn more about the Discovery Centre’s future hive and to keep up-to-date with all the latest buzz, visit the New Discovery Centre’s website at beelieve.ca.

Final Rendering June 2015

young women 'techsplore' a hydroelectric station in st. margaret's bay


“I became a role model with Techsploration once I began working as an Engineer in Training, because it was something that I wish I had had growing up,” says Nova Scotia Power Capital Projects Engineer Jennifer Gough.

The Techsploration program aims to encourage young women to pursue non-traditional roles in trades, technology and engineering. Jennifer has been a role model with Techsploration for four years now.  “Techsploration’s important to me because it aims to open doors and expose young women to futures they may not have known existed,” says Jennifer.
On February 4th, Jennifer took a group of grade 9 girls from Gaetz Brook Junior High to the Tidewater hydro plant in St. Margaret’s Bay. They spent the day discussing what it is like to work as an engineer and received a tour and shutdown/start-up demonstration of the hydro plant from Utility Operators Scott MacKay and Robert Lord.
To learn more about Techsploration visit their website at techsploration.ca.

NS Power scholarships open to applicants

Let us help light the path toward your post-secondary education! At Nova Scotia Power we are pleased to offer over $135,000 in scholarships every year to students across Nova Scotia. We have a variety of scholarships available, including ones for students entering trades programs at NSCC related to utility or energy sectors, students enrolling in an environmental studies program at a Nova Scotian university, students of Mi’kmaq heritage, and more.

Learn more about Nova Scotia Power’s Scholarship Program by visiting our scholarship page.

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