February 10, 2016

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February 10, 2016

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Three Storms, 11 Days

Over the span of 11 days, Nova Scotia was hit with a mix of freezing rain, high winds and heavy snow – three times.

In last week’s edition of The Current News, we posted photos taken by crews during the January 30 storm. This storm left many trees weakened and at risk to lean on or fall over onto power lines. This was the primary cause of outages when stormy weather hit on Friday, January 5.

“We knew this storm was coming and we were prepared.” said Paul Casey, Storm Lead and Senior Director of Transmission and Distribution. “Our crews were able to tackle many of the bigger outages overnight.” All outages were restored by Saturday.

While many prepared for the forecasted blizzard two days later (Monday, February 8) , we did too. Crews were at the ready to respond to any outages. Fortunately, throughout the heavy snowfall across the province, no major outages occurred.

And while it may be cold, our powerline technicians were still feeling the warm generosity of Nova Scotians. Mike O’Leary, powerline technician from Sackville, his crew, and another crew from Digby, were in the New Glasgow area about to head home after a long week of restorations last week when they stopped into Tim Hortons. When they ordered, the employee let them know they were already taken care of - someone had dropped off $50 to cover the cost for “any NSP lineman that comes in.”

"It was fantastic," Mike says. "After a long stretch of working in snow up to our waists, it was great."

We know winter is far from over. Visit www.nspower.ca/stormready for tips on how to make sure you are prepared and get the latest outage updates by following us on Twitter and Facebook.

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