December 23, 2015

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December 23, 2015

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The Storm Wars Trilogy has arrived

When storms hit, they can hit hard. From the first weather alert to the connection of the last customer, we want customers to feel safe and connected. This video series, dubbed the Storm Wars, follows Joel, Gail, David and our own NSP employees as they prepare and respond to an infamous Nova Scotian winter storm. 


You may recognize Cape Breton's own amateur weatherman, Frankie MacDonald, who helps to make sure Nova Scotians are prepared for bad weather. Enjoy!


keeping #YourHome warm, safe and affordable

The holidays are all about making memories with loved ones, often to the backdrop of your home. Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been using the #YourHome hashtag to highlight three timely holiday themes on Facebook and Twitter: keeping your family warm, keeping safety top of mind, and keeping costs affordable. Check out some below:

Keep your loved ones safe this holiday season by using certified lights, keeping your tree watered, testing your smoke alarms, and using a proper ladder. And if you are hanging lights at ‪#‎YourHome‬ this week, just start with avoiding everything you've learned from Clark Griswald.


Still trying to forget last winter? Give #YourHome the gift of a home assessment.

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They pump out heat, air conditioning AND holiday cheer into #YourHome. Have a photo of your heat pump looking festive? Send it our way.


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