April 7, 2016

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April 7, 2016

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Funding mercury clean up in ns

We recently announced that, in partnership with EfficiencyOne, we’ll be funding a service that will keep mercury-containing products like thermostats and fluorescent lights out of Nova Scotia’s landfills.

Beginning April 1 there are locations set up across the province where residents and businesses can drop off mercury-containing products free of charge.

We’ve cut mercury emissions almost in half in the past ten years, from 105 kilograms in 2005 to 55 kg in 2015. The legislated cap is 65 kg.
Learn more at mercuryns.ca.


Graphic provided by EfficiencyOne.

Jobs well done

Evan Ryan, a 29-year-old Power Engineer with Nova Scotia Power at Point Tupper Generating Station, recently received a special award.

Only three years in and Evan received the award for Firefighter of the Year as a volunteer member of the Port Hastings Fire Department. This award is voted on by members of the department and is awarded to someone who displays incredible commitment and contribution over the past year.

When asked how it feels to have won such a prestigious award, he replied, “To receive firefighter of the year is nice; it means to me that the effort I am putting into the fire department hasn’t gone unnoticed and is appreciated by others.”
In addition to receEvan Ryan - Firefighteriving Firefighter of the Year, Evan was also sworn in as a training officer on Saturday, March 19.

Very dedicated to both his work with Nova Scotia Power and with the fire department, Evan is often out with the fire department until late at night, goes home to shower, and turns right back around to go back to work at Point Tupper. Lionel Marchand, Operations Training Coordinator at Point Tupper, described Evan as, “a great and dedicated operator. He’s just that type of guy.”

Evan enjoys fighting fires and helping the fire department with their fundraising efforts. He especially loves helping people in need: “It’s rewarding to be there when someone needs you; when someone’s having a bad day and we’re there to help them.”

Home Show tour continues with a twist!

Our heating solutions experts are hitting the road, visiting home shows across the province. Their home show stops include:
  • Colchester County Home Show (April 8 – 10, Rath Eastlink Centre, Truro)
  • Riverview Y’s Men Home Show (April 9 – 10, Coxheath)
  • Kentville Home Show (April 15 – 17, Kentville Arena, Kentville)
  • Yarmouth Spring Living Show (April 15-17, Mariners Centre, Yarmouth)

Stop by and visit our booths to learn all about heat pumps and heating solutions that will make your home energy efficient and save you money! During your visit, don’t forget to enter The Great Heat Pump Giveaway for your chance to win a brand new Daikin heat pump!

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For more information on all things heat pump visit heatpumpssetyoufree.ca.

the Osprey Cam turns 10!

This season marks the 10th year of the Osprey Cam and story of Oscar and Ethel. A seasonal staple, the Osprey Cam provides a live feed every spring and summer of the once endangered provincial bird, as they return home to nest and raise their offspring.

The feed has been tied into our Osprey Relocation program which has been operating for over 30 years. Through the program, utility poles that Osprey have built their nests on are identified and replacement poles are erected nearby, providing a safe spot for the nests to be relocated. This ensures osprey nests stay safe and that the power lines below are protected from any debris.

Watch the Osprey Cam here, share on Twitter with the hashtag #osprey10 and learn more about our provincial bird below in our gallery with photos and facts from Nova Scotia Museum.

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